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Why the need for the John Paul II Medical Research Institute?

a). Over 300 non-profit research foundations and academic centers support embryonic stem cell research.

b). The Federal Government is doing a poor job in advancing human adult stem cell research. According to the Congressional Research Services own data, NIH is increasing funding for human embryonic stem cell research at four times the annual rate as for human adult stem cell research. By the year 2017 it is estimated that NIH will fund embryonic stem cell research in total dollars more than adult stem cell research. This is why it is so critical that we need partners in stewarship for our mission and need your financial donations.

c). Lack of manufacturing facilities in government and academia to produce FDA-approved adult stem cell therapies for clinical trials.

d). Foreign countries are beating the United States in the field of regenerative medicine. Twenty five percent of adult stem cell trials are being conducted in the United States, while 50 percent of non-stem cell clinical trials are being conducted in the United States.

e). The increasing amount of stem cell tourism conducted in other countries that are exploiting vulnerable Americans.

f). Cost and time to find cures and treatments increasing. It takes 1 billion dollars and 10 years to get a therapy approved by the FDA.

g). Today’s treatments do not regenerate or repair disease but attempt to control disease progression or reduce the severity of symptoms.

h). 26 billion dollars is spent on chemotherapy to treat cancer, but only a minority of cancer patients achieve remission to chemotherapy.

i). Patients with rare orphan diseases lack treatments and cures.

j). There is an inadequate national supply of cord blood for clinical use.

k). There is a pervasive trafficking of illicit human aborted fetal tissue in medical research.

l). There is a pervasive use of illicit human tissue from aborted fetal tissue in biomanufacturing in so many commercial products.

m). Our institutions are not training doctors, scientists and students on medical research ethics that recognize the dignity of human life from conception to natural death.

The current goals of the John Paul II Medical Research Institute are to raise funding and coordinate research activities between clinicians and scientists from industry and academia to satisfy preclinical requirements for the Food and Drug and Administration before the Institute sponsors and conducts clinical adult stem cell research.

The Institute supports preclinical research using the human adult stem cells described in the Research Programs.

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